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       Fuzzy Butts Veterinary House Call Service (FBV) is a special breed of convenience for you and your pet. It’s a throw-back specialty to yesteryears. Many of us struggle to obtain the level of care we want for our 4-legged children due to our time limitations, disabilities, driving challenges, etc. In addition, we get distressed when we see our ‘kids’ having a panic attack in the car, waiting room at the vet office, or the fear of having your pet attacking ‘Fifi’ or being attacked by ‘Killer’.

       Another big benefit of a house call practice is the low client base. The mantra here is quality over quantity. I may only see 3-8 patients per day; you are not just ‘another’ in a long line of appointments! I’ve been there, done that, and it is not satisfying for any of us.